Get To Know Christian Palmer, Owner of Relentless Fitness & Nutrition

With over 10 years of experience and thousands of hours of applied knowledge I’ve helped hundreds of  clients successfully achieve their nutrition and weight loss goals. Whether you are just looking to shed unwanted body fat or compete as an athlete my mission is to educate, inspire and provide elite nutrition and fitness coaching to anyone who is ready to change their life and take their health, fitness and performance to the next level.

As a child I was always involved with sports.  I had an insatiable obsession with challenging my abilities and was determined to get better at everything I did, whether it was racing bicycles against my friends through the neighborhood or having the most powerful roundhouse kick in martial arts class. That competitive spirit carried through from when I began martial arts at six years old to my middle school and high school years where I ran track and field, and played  football.

My journey into fitness and nutrition began when I was bit by the bodybuilding bug. I knew I wanted to be a bodybuilder at 14 years old after coming across a picture of Garrett Downing on the internet. The moment I saw it I thought to myself “I want to look just like that!”  I figured there had to be a way I would need to eat in order to achieve that type of physique so I began reading about nutrition. The more I read the more intrigued I became.

I continued to dig deeper into the details of what proper nutrition was and how to optimize it. I started off coaching a few of my family members and close friends.  Then around the time I started competing in bodybuilding, at age 23, I began to dig deeper into sports nutrition. What really drove my desire to help others optimize their nutrition was when my mother developed type 2 diabetes. The importance of proper eating habits took on a whole new meaning when her health was in jeopardy. By educating her on better food choices and lifestyle practices I was able to help her get a handle on her nutrition and vastly improve her diabetes and overall health and fitness.

We are all our own creators and have the power to produce any result we desire through hard work. No matter your age, to optimize your health and achieve your goals, it’s crucial to give your body what it needs. Above all, My motto -which I embody- is:  “Your Body Will Achieve When Your Mind Believes”

Christian Palmer

Precision Nutrition Nutritionist
Exercise Science
WNBF Pro Bodybuilder
Athlete and writer for Steel Nutrition
Owner of Relentless Fitness and Nutrition


Christian agreed to help teach me in the most effective way possible: First hand experience! Over the course of one summer, I followed a meal plan prepared by Christian down to the letter, and I can say, without a hint of exaggeration, that it changed the way I view diet forever.
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Kees Noach

When I found myself lost when it came to what I should be eating for how active of a lifestyle I live, Christian was the first person I turned to. In just a few months, I dropped a significant amount of body fat and was the leanest yet strongest I’ve ever been. I’ve recommended him to many of my friends!
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Sandra Sepkowski

I engaged Christian for help with a nutrition plan to maximize performance and manage my weight class for a USAPL meet. Christian took a holistic approach to reviewing my training schedule and programming, my daily life schedule, and food preferences to put together a flexible but rigorous plan to put on quality muscle mass for the meet.
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William Cudney

Sometimes you need someone to jump start your healthy lifestyle. You need someone to break it down for you and keep it simple. That individual who genuinely cares about your success and is willing to invest the time in you. Christian became that someone who changed my path.
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Lauren Rones-Payne