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As a busy professional you face struggles to manage eating healthy, staying fit and being productive at work. Not being able to juggle those 3 elements often leads to weight gain, falling off your routine, becoming overstressed, a loss of sleep and depression. Covid has made this even more difficult but I have your solution.

I will show you how to eat healthy on a busy schedule and still enjoy yourself, achieve your fitness/nutrition goals…regardless of where your health is currently,  reduce your stress and make more time for yourself to enjoy life.  

Join me on August 5th @ 1:00pm to learn the solutions you need to optimize your life.

If you are ready to take action and experience the results you’ve always dreamed of then this is an absolute can’t miss opportunity.  This 60 minute seminar is completely free to attend on Wed Aug 5th at the offices of Zeta Global (3 Park Avenue, 33rd Floor New York, NY 10016) location. 

Space is limited so claim your spot now! See you there

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Client Testimonial #1 – Benny

My client Benny conquered crippling anxiety, a loss of confidence, diminished sex drive and an inability to lose body fat due to his poor nutrition.

2 years ago Benny was a physically and mentally strong guy. He exercised regularly and had what most would consider a good physique.  Benny became fixated with losing weight so he dropped most of his carbs and reduced his calories extremely low. He was constantly hungry and unable to perform well at work and in the gym due to his lack of energy.

 He even lost his sex drive and thirst to stay fit. 

The problem was that he had the wrong idea about nutrition. He thought less food equals less body fat. When that didn’t work he cut more food out which only made the issue worse. 

Once we began working together we increased his caloric intake and worked to improve his relationship with food. Now he’s dropped the stubborn bodyfat, has his confidence back, he is able to dominate again at work and his sex drive is better than ever. Here’s what Benny had to say about working with me:

Client Testimonial #2 – Justin

When Justin first came to me he was embarrassed to take his shirt off in public, disgusted with what he saw in the mirror and tired of making excuses rather than achieving his goals. 

He lacked the vigor, confidence and the energy he once had.  He’s a busy professional and a husband so he’s got a tight schedule. He exercised on a fairly regular basis and had a somewhat healthy diet. The major problem was that he wasn’t eating enough of the right foods. 

Justin lost over 30 lbs of fat and gained several pounds of muscle and most importantly his confidence back. Throughout the process of him losing that weight I had him eating a minimum of 180 grams of protein, 245 grams of carbs and about 45 grams of fat every day. He was never hungry, he was allowed to eat foods that he enjoyed on the weekends and he was the strongest he’s ever been in the gym.

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