The number 1 goal of meal prep is to make sure you are set up for success no matter where you go or what comes up. Below are a list of tips I use to stay prepared and on top of my game.

If I am traveling somewhere where I am not able to bring a cooler with me then I will rely on dry and or lightly packaged foods. What I mean by dry food is oatmeal for example. It won’t spoil and it’s as good a source of carbs as any and keeps well no matter the temperature.  All you need is water and a small container to mix it in. I also keep a container of raw oatmeal in my trunk just in case I get stuck somewhere without a source of carbs. Protein powder goes right along with the topic of dry foods. No cooler to store your meat, no problem. You can bring a sandwich baggie, or a small tupperware with protein powder in it and keep it in your bag.

Since most of the time you also want a source of fat with your meals I like to keep a couple sample size packets of almond butter in my bag as well. No need to carry a jar around and no need for a spoon to eat it with. You can find these sample size packets in most grocery stores. I also keep a small sea salt grinder/shaker in my bag.

Some great food containers to have are glasslock containers. Countless times I’ve had my meals tip over in my back seat taking a sharp turn. Now I’ve got a messy bag and even worse, a messy back seat. Glasslock are food containers that have locking lids which snap in place and they come in glass or plastic. They are especially good for those times when you’re traveling and you know your food might get tumbled around. Or maybe you just want extra peace of mind day to day.

Keep spare plastic ware or silverware in your car glove box or bag. Any of us that carry meals around with have come across a time when we have our meal ready to go and you take it out to eat it only to realize that you have no utensils to eat it with. To save yourself the need to eat it like a caveman, have extra utensils handy.

Good grab and go foods are invaluable. They will save you In a pinch where you miscalculate and run out of food or something comes up and you need to rush out of the house.  Beef jerky, chicken jerky, turkey jerky or meat sticks such as the turkey, beef or uncured pepperoni sticks by Vermont brand. Also any of the delicious meat – based bars from Epic are easy to store and easy to eat right out of the package. They are low in fat and free from unnecessary ingredients. Your favorite flavored rice cakes can definitely come in handy. I personally love…Yes LOVE, Lundberg brand Cinnamon Toast rice cakes. They taste great,  not like cardboard that most rice cakes taste of. They are made from brown rice and they offer a bunch of flavors which are pretty low low in sugar. They taste amazing with a layer of peanut butter or almond butter on top. For an extra fling you can put berries on top of the nut butter.

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Until next time, Be Relentless.*


Christian agreed to help teach me in the most effective way possible: First hand experience! Over the course of one summer, I followed a meal plan prepared by Christian down to the letter, and I can say, without a hint of exaggeration, that it changed the way I view diet forever.
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Kees Noach

I engaged Christian for help with a nutrition plan to maximize performance and manage my weight class for a USAPL meet. Christian took a holistic approach to reviewing my training schedule and programming, my daily life schedule, and food preferences to put together a flexible but rigorous plan to put on quality muscle mass for the meet.
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William Cudney