You’ve been bombarded with advertisements, ads and gimmicks claiming “Here is the 1 food that will give you eternal life and the libido of a college frat house” or “This 1 food has been shown to raise your testosterone 52%”…Just sign up for our program and we’ll tell you what it is!”  It’s all absolute crap!   So what foods are actually healthy for you? I’ve included 8 of the most beneficial foods for you to consume as a man for good health. Now, I’m not saying these foods are the guaranteed secret to perfect health for you as an individual. However if you incorporate them you will be well on your way to good health and a sound diet. They’re not in any particular order. 

Grass Fed Beef / Pasture Raised Organic Beef: 

One of the best foods for testosterone production and promoting muscle gain. Grass fed beef is one of the best sources of zinc which is essential for our testosterone production, especially as we age. 3.5 oz of beef contains roughly 4.5 mg of zinc which is just above 45% of the RDA. It also contains vitamin B12, B6, creatine, niacin, iron and phosphorus which are all very important for energy production, red blood cell production and oxygen utilization.  High quality red meat  is the most nutrient dense protein animal protein source there is. 


The best vegetable for improved sexual performance and blood flow. These magic greens contain nitrates which help produce nitric oxide in your body. Nitric oxide is a potent vasodilator which promotes better blood flow. As we age, blood flow quality decreases which can hinder sexual performance, exercise performance/ recovery, fat loss efficiency and sleep quality.  About 4 oz contains just above 230 mg of nitrates. Make sure to eat this green raw as cooking will reduce the nitric oxide producing effects inside your body. 


Consuming these will help prevent cancer in middle aged men. These amazing berries contain powerful antioxidant compounds called anthocyanins. Research shows that anthocyanins help prevent common cancers found in middle aged men by supporting apoptosis. That is our body’s own ability to eliminate cancer cells and keep them from growing.  They also protect against aging through the mitigation of harmful free radicals produced by the body. A handful of blueberries per day will put you well on your way to reaping these anti-cancer/anti-aging benefits.  Blueberries are shown to contain more antioxidants than most other berries and fruits.


This delicious seafood will help promote testosterone production.  will ½ dozen oysters contains just over 30% of your RDA which is just under 300mg of zinc.. Oysters contain zinc which is essential for testosterone production. They’re also very low in mercury so feel free to load up on these.

Another option for improving your zinc intake is Alaskan crab. 3.5 oz contains about 7.5 mg which is just above 65% of your RDA. 

Whole Eggs:

 These will prevent the degeneration of your eyesight as you age. Egg yolks contain the carotenoids Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Once eaten, these carotenoids work their way directly into the macula of the eye and help prevent macular degeneration by protecting the vision cells from the damaging effects of blue light. The same light that comes from your phone and computer screen. Organic eggs and pasture raised organic have the highest quality nutrients in the yolk and the best flavor.


An apple a day will keep your prostate healthy. Apples contain ursolic acid which is shown in research to stop the growth of cancer cells in the prostate. Prostate cancer is growing more common among men over 50. Make sure you eat the skin since that’s where this beneficial compound is found.


Due to the high selenium content mushrooms have been shown to reduce the risk of prostate cancer in some men by up to 48%.  About ½ cup of portabellas contain about 20% of your RDA so load up on these. They’re great in stir frys and grilled. Portabellas contain more selenium than most other mushrooms

Wild Caught Salmon: 

Salmon contains Omega-3 fats which help prevent strokes and heart attacks. Unfortunately these issues are growing increasingly common in men over 40. Omega-3 fats are extremely important for normal cardiovascular health and function. These heart protective fats help to reduce blood triglyceride levels which are directly linked to heart disease.  

If you want to know which foods are better for your individual goals then schedule a free call with me and we’ll create a plan for you.

Until next time, Be Relentless! 


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