Tristan K

Before working with us Tristan struggled with gaining muscle and stress management. He was tired of not having the body he wanted and was ready to take his physique and mental fortitude to the next level. We created a custom meal plan and training program for Tristan and as you can see he made great progress. Through dedicating himself to improving his body we were able to help him build the body he wanted and better equip him to manage the stresses in his life such as work and the challenges from his personal goals.

Scott C

When Scott reached out to us he was frustrated because he struggled with losing body fat and figuring out how to eat out at social events without sabotaging his progress. We created a custom plan for Scott to lose body fat while being able to enjoy his time out socializing with friends.

 After making significant progress Scott became so confident, with what he saw in the mirror, he decided to do his first bodybuilding show to test out his mental fortitude. 

He ended up placing at the top of his class. Scott is a great example of how you can change your body and gain immense confidence when you commit to bettering yourself and resolve to put in the work.

Kenny Olmeida

Kenny reached out to us looking to take his physique and performance to the next level.  Being a father, a strongman competitor and a coach he needed the right meal plan and guidance to make sure he was lean enough to make weight for the competition, had enough food to recover from his training and could spend as little time meal prepping as possible because he has such a busy schedule. 

Kenny made weight for his competition, which he crushed, performed at his best and he reported it was the smoothest fat loss process he had ever been through.

Justin Sebastian

When Justin came to us he felt self-conscious, skinny and out of shape. He wanted to get leaner, get stronger, gain back the youthful vigor he once had and build muscle so he could fill out his dress clothes. We created Justin’s customized plan with the strategy of building muscle first then getting him lean and helping him make the best food choices while he was on the road for business. As you can see Justin made great progress and feels and energetic as he did when he was 25.

Joe M

When Joe came to us he was looking to improve his libido, lose fat, regain his confidence and create a healthy lifestyle for himself. He was also following a keto diet, prior to working with us, which produced some short term results but left him hungry,  irritable and stopped working after a few months. We created a custom meal plan and exercise program for Joe that focused on improving his energy as well as his libido while burning fat at a consistent rate. 

Joe lost fat, vastly improved his libido which saved his relationship and regained the self – confidence he had lost.

Dave T

Before working with us, Dave struggled with fat loss and self-confidence. Even though he followed a regimen of weight training 5 days per week, performing steady state cardio 3-5 days per week and making generally healthy eating choices he struggled to lose body fat. The problem for Dave turned out to be under-eating. After increasing his protein and carbohydrate consumption he started achieving the results he had been striving for and gained his confidence back.

Curtis L

Curtis came to use with a goal of getting leaner. Being an entrepreneur and a husband he had to contend with a very tight schedule. We created a custom meal plan and exercise program that allowed him to make consistent progress while spending minimal time in the kitchen preparing food and minimal time in the gym. He put in the hard work to earn the body he always wanted and it took his confidence to the next level.

Chris M

Chris came to us with a goal of increasing both his strength and confidence through building muscle and getting leaner. Being a father, husband and a busy professional, making time for nutrition and fitness was always a battle. We created a customized plan for Chris which he could easily fit into his schedule. This way he was able to spend more time on the important things in his life like family and business. Chris’s confidence went through the roof, his sex life was reinvigorated, he feels great and he earned the aesthetics he always wanted.

Benny M

When Benny first came to us he suffered from bad IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), an inability to lose body fat which caused him anxiety, frustration and a loss of confidence. All of this was from crash dieting. He ate extremely low calories in an attempt to lose body fat and unfortunately, it caused his metabolism to slow down making it almost impossible to lose body fat. That inability to achieve his goals caused him anxiety because he wasn’t sure how to fix it.

We created a custom meal plan and exercise regimen for Benny which focused on slowly adding more food over time to build his metabolic capacity back up. He gained his energy back which helped improve his confidence. His increase in confidence lowered his anxiety and we were able to heal his gut. He’s gained back his vigor which had a positive influence on his sex life and he is proud of what he sees in the mirror every day.

Andy G

Andy came to us looking to feel young again, take his physique to the next level and increase his energy. Working at a desk 8 hours per day along with being a father and husband was draining him of energy and left him feeling lethargic and void of vigor. Traveling on a regular basis for business and attending frequent client dinners took its toll on his body through not making the best food choices. We created a custom nutrition and exercise plan for Andy which emphasized helping him make smart food choices both while on the road and at home day to day which helped him gain his energy back and achieve fat loss. Andy took his physique to the next level and his results speak for themselves.

Andrew A

Before Andrew started working with us he struggled with making healthy food choices as well as frequent bloating and intestinal distress. As an entrepreneur, father, husband and athlete he was often stressed, sleep deprived and overworked due to his crazy schedule.

We created a custom plan which solved his bloating and intestinal distress, allowed him to perform at his best in and out of the gym, taught him how to eat smart while on the go and he spent minimal time meal prepping so he could spend more of his time with his family and on his business.

Clarke Bailey

When Clarke came to us he was struggling with knee pain and mobility issues which were holding him back from picking up his grand kids and playing golf to the best of his ability, which diminished his confidence, since family is a cornerstone of his life and  golf is his favorite hobby. 

Through creating a custom program for Clarke we were able to correct his knee pain, help him regain his confidence and improve his quality of life and now he can enjoy both playing with his grand kids and playing golf.

Stan Ramsay

When Stan first came to us he struggled with weight loss, low back pain, knee pain, neck discomfort and he was out of shape. He wanted to keep up with his kids and feel youthful like he did 15 years ago. 

We created a plan for Stan that focused on  reducing his pain, building strength, improving mobility, losing body fat and helping him make smarter eating choices when traveling for business. Stan has gained back much of the confidence he previously lost, he’s physically and mentally stronger and he can now keep up with his extremely active kids.


Christian agreed to help teach me in the most effective way possible: First hand experience! Over the course of one summer, I followed a meal plan prepared by Christian down to the letter, and I can say, without a hint of exaggeration, that it changed the way I view diet forever.
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Kees Noach

I engaged Christian for help with a nutrition plan to maximize performance and manage my weight class for a USAPL meet. Christian took a holistic approach to reviewing my training schedule and programming, my daily life schedule, and food preferences to put together a flexible but rigorous plan to put on quality muscle mass for the meet.
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William Cudney